Website Traffic Secrets – 5 Proven Steps to Get Insane Amounts of Traffic

The day when you get insane amounts of traffic is the day where you are free to do what you want – you will be getting lots of leads on a daily basis, and more sales than you can keep track of. Want to get such sterling results? Here are 5 proven steps to get insane amounts of traffic:

Step 1 – Write or outsource articles and submit them to the best article directories on the web. Focus on having many quality articles out there to get the massive numbers. When you have tons of articles all percolating around the web, that’s when the serious traffic starts flowing in.

Step 2 – Create massive pay per click campaigns. The idea is to think big and go big. However, you’ll want to start small initially and test your keywords, your ad copy and your conversion rates first. Once everything is going well, scale it up by adding more keywords, and increasing your daily budget.

Step 3 – Create joint ventures with other marketers. People is just as important as information is to your business. The more successful people you network with, the faster you will reach success.

Step 4 – Post in forums extensively. Some marketers I know post 15-30 posts a day and it does bring in dozens of visitors. Plus, it is a fun activity too! Remember not to flood the forum with spam, but instead fill it with useful information, and also remember to include your link in your signature box!

Step 5 – Build a list. A list is a built-in traffic source that you can ‘activate’ at anytime to flood your websites with traffic. Basically, with a list, you can turn one unique visit into many hits on to your site simply through repeated follow-up emails.


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