How Internet Widens My Horizon

Before the emergence of internet, life is okay and neat. There is the post office for mails, although you have to resort to other mail senders if you want the mail to reach the recipients faster, but you have to pay more for the difference in time and service. You can call and communicate with your friends and loved ones in faraway places as long as you’re prepared to see your phone bills increased by folds. You can research in library and take days or weeks to finish your reports… and so on and so forth.

However, the flow of everyday life has changed dramatically since the inception of internet. The conventional ways of transactions, be it business, social, personal, etc. seem so long ago, like a part of ancient history. Everything changed. Everybody blend easily to the “climate change” of the way the communication and other things have progressed. These all were brought about by the miracle they called “internet.”

How internet widens my world? Here are just some of them:

· Communication. I can talk with my relatives and friends without spending any penny in it. As long as you have the PC and connected to the internet, you can talk as long as you want, to your heart’s content. If there is no personal computer, cell phone will do. The modern services that internet providers offer make everything so accessible and feasible.

· Social interaction. Although it could be included in communication, it is a bit different in the sense that internet users find friends and even lifetime partners through the social sites which sprouted like mushrooms when internet becomes the trend. The difference lies in the fact that these friends are total strangers and they only meet in web.

· Business transactions. This is the most important sector that internet has helped. You can transact business and create deals anywhere around the globe within minutes, and even from the comfort of your home.

The invention of ATM’s, eBooks, emails, etc. are few of the modern methods brought by internet. These modern electronic ways make transactions easy and faster, also save time and money. Furthermore, and maybe the most important thing, having these all make everyone satisfied and happy.

· Online jobs. For the employers and employees, internet allows them to make money online without the restriction of time and place. Even the mothers and unemployed are given the opportunity to find jobs and make money from their homes.

· Education. Today, pursuing your studies is available online. You can finish your degree from your home. This distant education inspired the undergraduates or even the graduates for furthering their career.

· Research. Be it business or thesis, anything that you wanted to search, they’re just fingertips away. You can learn so many things in a matter of minutes.

· Visiting places away from home. Sitting in your office or in your home, you can visit and see places which you never did and maybe never will. Seeing them and going from one place to another is a journey that money cannot even equate.

Looking back to the times before the birth of the internet, it seems not only eons away, but also the realization, that we can’t imagine living today without having internet into our lives – even how simple our life is.


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