How Do I Secure My Private Information When Surfing the Internet?

Privacy has become an important concern for many internet users. Whenever you use web browser, all information about the user are transferred via insecure internet connection. Most of the times, your information will not be encrypted, allowing hackers to interrupt the connection and get your personal information. When your identity is stolen, anything undesirable may happen. The problem here is that you don’t know who stole your private information and there is no means to find 1the culprit. Online shopping is now popular enabling the users to buy anything from the comfort of their home. Though the financial transactions are secured, you cannot stop your personal information to be sent to the server.

Threat to privacy

Whenever you open a website in a web browser, your private information including your ip address and geographic location are sent to the web server. All user interactions and user information are logged in the web server. Thousands if not millions of people are monitoring network connections to get unauthorized access to various computers on the network. The server logs are readable making your private information public. Knowing your ip address and other personal information will let them hack your computer without your knowledge. When you enter your credit card number and other personal details in a webpage, you are risking your privacy. Apart from stealing your identity, hackers may misuse your information in several ways.

Need for proxy services

Secure surfing is possible with the use of proxy web services which allow you to surf the internet without revealing your identity. When you use proxies, your geographic location will not be sent to the server preventing hackers from attacking your computer. Good proxy websites help you stay away from spyware and other malicious programs. Apart from ensuring security, proxy websites speed up browsing by caching requested pages. Rather than fetching the pages from the server, proxies fetch the pages from the cache decreasing the fetching time.

Types of proxies

Transparent proxies help you surf the internet faster but none of your information is protected. If you are looking for secure browsing, then these transparent proxies will not serve the purpose. Anonymous proxies allow you to browse the internet without disclosing your ip address and personal information. However, the servers can understand that you are browsing from a proxy website. You can find a list of many anonymous proxies which provide free services. High anonymous proxies provide the exact security you expect. None of your system information will be sent to the web server and nobody can guess that you are surfing with the help of proxy services. Faster and more secure internet access is possible when you use high anonymous proxies.

If you want to hide your ip address and let the servers know that you are using proxies, then free services can be used. But if you are more concerned about your privacy and you want nobody else to guess that you are using proxy services, then you have to go for paid high anonymous services provided by proxy websites.


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