What to Sell on the Internet?

The phenomenal growth of ecommerce lures more and more people

to dream about starting an online business. The question that

bothers many and restrains them from realizing their dream is

what to sell on the Internet.

If you have spent sometime on the Internet trying to figure

out what product or service you should choose to sell online,

you must have noticed that people are selling every conceivable

product and service over the Internet. Contrary to popular

belief, even big ticket items are also selling on the Internet

very well. But, nevertheless, it is not very easy for a newbie

to find a product rather quickly and start marketing online.

If you are having difficulty in finding a good tangible product

to market on the Internet or afraid to manage all the hassles

of shipping and handling you may seriously consider selling

information online.

According to data, most people browse through the Internet in

search of some sorts of information that they require. Survey

conducted by Neilsen Media Research shows that Books and

Information Category tops the highest selling product and

service on the Internet with a significant margin in comparison

to other categories. This makes information a natural product

for sale on the Internet. Information sells online in the formats

of e-books, articles, reports, data, whitepapers etc. If you

have expertise in any specific field, you may consider selling

your ideas in one of the mentioned format.

Check out Clickbank’s marketplace to get a good idea what people

are selling. You will be truly amazed by the scope of ideas!

Although, information is the most sought after product on the

Internet; that does not mean it is an easy-to-sell product. For

one thing – there are tons of free information available on the

Internet, and the second is people on the Internet are not very

willing to pay for information. This is the reason why you have

to be very careful in choosing the right product to market online.

People will buy your information product, if it is:

– A particular knowledge that they crave

– It makes their life easier, i.e. saves time

– It teaches them some subject that they would like to learn.

Which are the products that fall in these categories?

Expert advises, tips and ideas in a niche field:

Body building tips, dieting secrets, dating ideas, stock trading

secrets, Internet marketing ideas are examples of this category.

Trend forecasts:

Businesses spend fortunes to have a better understanding of

specific trends. If you have enough expertise to predict a trend

of a specific field, i.e. high technology, stock market, Internet,

etc., you may have a comfortable living by selling newsletter

and whitepapers. The hard part is: you have to prove that you are

really an expert in this field.


Thanks to Internet, more and more people are willing to learn

different subjects from the comfort of their work and home. If

you have enough knowledge of a particular subject, create an

online course and market it through Internet.

Surveys and data:

Business bases on various marketing, demographic, sales and

other data. You may collect those data from various sources

and by conducting your own online surveys. This also requires

enough knowledge of a specific business field and their


Research and Analysis:

People are often ready to pay for research and analysis

information of their fields because, in general, this saves their

own time. That is why subscription based stocks and other research

websites are thriving on the Internet.

There are number of other reasons why you should consider

selling information on the Internet.

Audience size

Millions of people from all over the world are browsing through

the Internet in any given time. Your information product can be

exposed to a very large number of prospective buyers in no time.

Easy to develop

Information products like reports and e-books are fairly easy

to create. All you need is – the knowledge of the field, a

little determination and enough time to spend on it.

Low cost and low over head

You can create and market a report for less than US $100. You

can take advantage of numbers of free marketing tools available

on the Internet. You can even keep your overhead low by doing

things all by yourself.

You can start part time

This is one business you can start from shoestring and spending

only couple of hours a day. You can keep your job until you

feel comfortable with the earning you generate through your online


Conduct business from anywhere

The best thing about this business is you can do it from

anywhere. You are no longer confined to a specific geographical

region. While developing your information product keep in mind

the following aspects:

– Does this product satisfy a need or does it solve a problem?

– Is their enough value in it?

– Is it a better product than others available on the Internet?

– Is this product easy to market to your chosen market segment?

The last question is very important as the sheer size of

Internet makes it virtually impossible to focus on it as a whole.

You must segment your market as clearly and as specifically as

possible to become a successful Internet marketer.

Once you finished developing your product, initially, try

selling your product through a marketplace similar to Clickbank.

This will allow you to setup your online business fairly quick.

You will not need a merchant account of your own and you can

build your affiliate program with an ease.


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