Making Money With an Inbound Call Center

Some consumers that need assistance don’t want to talk to an automated answering service anymore. The ease of automation leaves many people who call for help frustrated and leaves open a doorway for you to make money. More often, consumers are saying that they just want to talk to a human being for a change. This is where you can come in. Working for an inbound call center is a great way to make money in the comfort of your own home while assisting customers with problems and questions. By combining your customer service experience with a reputable outsourcing company, you can be making money as an inbound call center rep in less than a week’s time.

What do you need to make money with a call center?

1. Customer Service Experience – Your customer service experience does not necessarily have to be in a call center setting. Your experience in retail, medical, childcare or a hospitality industry means that you have customer service skills that are valued. You can make money regardless of experience level.

2. A Landline Phone – No matter how wonderful your unlimited-minutes-uber-tech cellular phone is, it is no substitute for the stability and clear reception of a landline phone. Sometimes you have to spend money on items to help you make money.

3. A headset to use with your phone – This piece of equipment is absolutely necessary for freedom of movement and to ease neck and shoulder pain from holding a handset. This also frees your hands up while typing or using a calculator. To make money you need to ensure comfort for long working hours.

4. High speed internet access – The 56K phone modems of yesteryear aren’t going to cut it. You may often be switching back and forth between several screens in a single call. Your internet speed needs to be able to handle this screen swapping at a fast pace. The more quickly that you can handle a customer in need of help, the better your potential for making money.

5. Quiet, quiet and more quiet – Dogs barking and children screaming in the background is not good for business. A customer calling in to speak to you should never know that you are making money from home. During your established business hours, your home needs to maintain the same professional atmosphere you would find in an office.

How do I get an inbound call center job?

There are several websites where you can make money with a legitimate work-from-home call center job. An internet search of the term “virtual call center jobs” should retrieve one hundred or more sites. Many of these sites offer contract projects, seasonal or part-time up to full-time employment opportunities. Your application process will usually start by filling out an application online. Once your application is reviewed and your qualifications are a match, you will usually submit to a skills assessment test. If you pass the skills test, the next step to making money will usually be a telephone interview. Remember, during the day of the phone interview, your home should have a quiet and professional atmosphere.

If you have always enjoyed helping people, possess a pleasant phone voice and the necessary hardware for the job, making money with an inbound call center job will be easy for you.


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