Internet Income – Multiple Income Streams

Internet income is a great way to start making multiply income streams. If you are working a 9-5 job, you currently have one steam of income. If both you and your partner are working 9-5 jobs you have two steams of income. This is great, but this unfortunately is probably just covering the bills with very little extra for savings or entertainment. How do you start making multiply income streams?

Internet Income

Affiliate marketing is very popular is helping people produce multiply streams of income. This industry has been growing exponentially the last few years. The main reasons why are:

oEverything can be bought online

oYou can work from home, or anywhere in the world

oPeople spend huge amounts of money online

oThe resources are there for you to start making money

oStarting multiply income streams online is FREE and can make you thousands of dollars every month

The trick to making it BIG with affiliate marketing is spreading yourself all over the internet. How do you do this?

Multiple Income Streams

Signing up with an affiliate product is your starting point. Start promoting this product by writing articles. To have success you need to research your keywords and be knowledgeable about the product. The key to being successful with articles is knowing your stuff. Once you have written 15-30 articles and have made a blog or Squidoo lens about the product you need to get traffic. A good way to do this is to be active in forums relating to your product. This is where knowing your stuff comes into play, you NEED to know what you’re talking about if you want people to visit your blog or Squidoo lens.

Making it BIG

Once you have your first affiliate product down you can start on another product. It is best to promote products related to your niche, this way your already have some knowledge. This is how people make thousands of dollars a month with affiliate marketing. This only makes sense if you think about it, think of it as a spider web. Spiders make webs to catch bugs over a wide area. If they only put out a single line of silk they wouldn’t catch much, if anything. By putting out thousands of silk lines they have a greater chance of catching their dinner. This is the exact method you need to use to be successful in starting to make multiply income streams. The wider you spread yourself, the more money you’re going to wake.

It is VERY important not to get ahead of yourself. Quality is key when you’re promoting products. You have to be knowledgeable for people to trust you and trust is what you need to make sales.


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