What Are SMS-800 Test Numbers?

Upon Certification with SMS/800, new Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs) are assigned 2 test numbers from each of the active 8XX NPA’s (currently 888, 877, 866, and 800). Per SMS/800, the range of numbers reserved for this purpose is 8XX-250-0000 through 8XX-250-1499.

These numbers are listed in the welcome package sent by SMS/800 representatives to each new Resp Org. Test numbers are kept in an Unavailable status, so if any 250 NXX is inadvertently spared, it will never go into the spare pool.

Resp Orgs can only use test numbers for network testing and troubleshooting purposes. Assignment of the test numbers to subscribers is inappropriate and could result in customer disruption as the guidelines for the assignment of test numbers change from time to time.

When test numbers are assigned, a partial customer record is SAVED in the SMS/800 system for each test number assigned to each particular company. A PARTIAL customer record contains some Customer Administrative (CAD) data, but does not have all of the required CAD information.

A RespOrg can modify these PARTIAL customer records to satisfy their testing needs as follows:

  1. Change CAD Data – modify any field to meet your testing requirements.
  2. Change Effective Date – change the EFFECTIVE DATE and TIME by TRANSFERRING the record to the date and time desired.
  3. Create a Complex Record (CPR) – build the CPR or use an existing CPR as a source record and copy it to the 8XX-250-**** test record.

Resp Org users should make note of the test numbers that are assigned to them and use them for their intended purpose.


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