Facebook’s Typing Maniac

Typing Maniac is a game from Metrogames which tests our typing speed and alertness. The first three levels is alright, but when the level after starts to have some tweaks in them ie. fire book, ice book etc. you can always expect the levels to get harder.

I for one thinks this game is rather difficult as it mainly requires confidence and of course, speed. The reason I say confidence is, you can’t have doubts when you’re typing, you need to be sure what you type is what you want to type. You can’t take a second or two to look at the letters you type, otherwise, you’ll just find it saying ‘You Lost’. Maybe I’m a slow typist and just needs to work a bit more on my speed but still, I won’t recommend this game to people who are beginners to computers or typing for themselves, unless of course, if you like challenges, then be my guest.

The one thing I like about the game is the ‘error free’ and bonus bit. But, if you commit even 1% error, you won’t be considered ‘error free’ and instead of getting double the score, you’ll end up with just the score you managed to get, which is the reason why I can’t score as much on other levels – they’re just too fast for me. And this is the part where I usually give up playing.

It is a creative game as we can freeze or slow the pace down or even, get rid of the fast-falling words by using ‘magical’ books such as fire, ice and slow book. The fire book burns the words that we can’t manage to type. The ice book freezes the words and the slow book, pretty obviously, slows down the speed of the words.

Another thing I like is similar to other games, the funny ranks they’ll put you in, from dinosaurs to modernized men. And at the minute, I’m considered as a homosapien. Not that I’m proud of it, but hey, I guess it’s better than being nothing.


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