What Exactly is a Corporate Treadmill Test?

We have done some research on the term corporate treadmill test and the results are quite confusing. Many different types of sites use this keyword, each of which have a different definition. This page is simply to brief you on the different meanings.

First meaning

The first meaning to “corporate treadmill test” is the more logical one. In fact, it is literally a treadmill test that corporations do on their employees and future employees. Not all companies enforce a treadmill test; however, it can be beneficial for the tested individual.

Some companies care much about the well being of its staff and will encourage a health and fitness test. They will typically look for any signs and symptoms for cardiovascular, diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

By incorporating a treadmill test, employees will find out if there is any intermediate to high risk in their health. The treadmill test is also called an exercise stress test. The examiners slowly yet gradually increase the speed while examining the health performance of an employee.

There are many debates whether a corporate treadmill test should be encouraged or not, but there are many health experts that have their own opinion to this matter.

Second meaning

The second meaning to this term is not so much a fitness test, but rather a test on the treadmills themselves. Some sites will use this keyword as a way to describe their reviews on certain treadmill brands. It’s perhaps a way of giving them better credibility.

We feel this way because this search term is often used; however there is no fitness site that explains the meaning of this term. It’s almost as if they used the term as a test they have done on treadmills to increase their integrity.

There isn’t any concrete information on the internet regarding a corporate treadmill test. We hope to have clarified the meaning of this often searched term.


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